Real estate is what defines David Azzato

No one can say selling or buying real estate is easy. It is a hard business and one has to know it’s rules in order to achieve something. But how does the process go? Is it really that hard and what do you need to know in order to get successful on the real estate market?

First of all follow these three steps

1. Be yourself! Just like in any other situation in life, you need to be yourself, in order to have original and good quality ideas.
2. Do not want to sell the working or living space. It sounds a little funny, but it is true. You need to want to represent the space in it’s best way, and to show what atmosphere there is. That is what will make the people trust you.
3. Have a great team. The right individuals will make the best out of your projects together with you. If you own your business you need to think of your employees more as they are you colleagues. That is the key thing to deliver a good atmosphere in your working environment.

You need creativity

David Azzato is know for his creative mind and his way to represent stuff in an unique way. He also knows how to promote and advertise. The joy of giving people the right space they need and want is what gives him and his team the energy to continue.
“If you want to show the buyer or renter what the building or flat or work space really looks like you have to see it first by yourself. Open the door with the keys, feel the air and atmosphere. See what the neighborhood looks like. Then, after you made an impression for yourself, you can go on and talk about it to the customers. Photos or an portfolio is a great way to show what the space really looks like, how it feels and what can be made out of it.” told David Azzato.

From the concrete to the keys

“My team and I love to visit a building, if is being built or renovated, to see how the process is taking place and if everything is OK. Than the satisfaction of our customers is really important to us. Precise and creative are the words that we use to describe a well done job.” described David Azzato the way and degree of inclusion of him and his team.
The space we live in and work in is a huge part and factor of our life and work. But it is not only the space inside the walls that makes us feel a certain way or want to do something, it is also the space outside them. The whole building, street, block and even city can play a big role in our private or working life. And David Azzato and his team take it as their job and obligation to represent you that atmosphere and what you can expect from the place you want to buy or rent.