The legitimacy of using deer antler velvet

The term Deer antler velvet came into infamous prominence when famed American football linebacker Ray Lewis was accused of using it as a supplement to cure his torn triceps muscles. While such allegations raised a lot of hue and cry about the veracity of the drug, many were up in arms at the supposed use of banned performance enhancing drugs. Derived from the adolescent antlers of Red deer stag, moose, caribou and elks, the velvet is basically a soft epidermal covering of the antlers that they shed and grow anew in matter of months. For more detailed information visit
While Ray Lewis might have put the deer antler velvet under the spotlight for the wrong reasons, it has been used widely in many countries all over the world albeit in different forms. Countries like China, Russia, and United States extensively advocate the use of supplements rich in the antler velvet. New Zealand is one of the biggest exporters of deer velvet to numerous countries in Asia and Europe and is credited for the humane extraction of the skin like substance from the male antlers.

antlerx1While the various uses of deer antler velvet have not been statistically verified in humans, it is said to possess multifarious benefits.
– Help build lean muscles: Bodybuilders and even sportsmen are said to prefer using supplements containing deer antler velvet as it helps aid rapid muscle development, improve strength of joints by cartilage regeneration. Thus apart from building the lean muscles, it helps build endurance ability to a great extent.
– Helps cure issues of dwarfism: Deer antler velvet has been used since ages for curing problem of dwarfism as it supposedly contains a hormone substance IGF-1(insulin growth factor 1) which stimulates growth. Apart from that, it also addresses concerns of mental retardation and other disabilities of the brain.
– Hasten the recovery process: It has been widely speculated that deer antler velvet has properties which speed up the healing process and thus reduces recovery time between injuries making it a god send drug for athletes and sport persons.
– Addresses symptoms of health ailments: Supplements containing deer antler velvet is also used for reducing and curing early symptoms of hypertension, migraine, asthma, osteoporosis among a few.
– Improves libido: Deer antler velvet is said to stimulate release of the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen which improves the libido in humans.

With the lack of any discernible side effects deer antler velvet can be used effectively for various reasons. However having said that, athletes need to exercise restraint before using the performance enhancing supplement as it could have been banned by the sporting authorities and its usage might attract heavy penalties or even suspension. In addition to that, some retailers have been found guilty of using inhumane means of deer antler extraction and might even indulge in use of spurious ingredients which would defeat the very purpose of using the supplement.
While deer antler velvet supplements have shown immense promise but wide scale usage and marketing should only be carried out after safe and detailed clinical trials on humans.

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Interesting Aspects about ZetaClear that You Should Know

A fungal infection on the nails can be gotten by anybody and this is why use of treatments such as ZetaClear is appropriate to help cure the infection. People get fungal infections when their blood circulation is bad. At times it may because of moisture or sweat which stays for longer hours in these places.

wcndAlways keep in mind that when you are trying to treat a nail infection, patients should be prevalent because some of the infections take a really long period of time to heal effectively. Sometimes one may even need a surgery to remove the infection incase it is on the extreme side.

Functions of ZetaClear

Fungal drugs work differently depending with the kind of ingredients that have been used to make them. When you discover that you have an infection, the fast thing that you should always do is to visit your doctor so that he may analyze it and give you the right medication. It is important that individuals knew the main functions of ZetaClear before use. These functions are:

1. Nail fungus

Nail fungus can be disturbing but proper treatment kills it. With a wide array of ingredients incorporated in it, this medication helps kill any type of nail fungus that one may have.

2. Yellow Keratin Debris

Keratin debris is known to be tough and firm due to its fibrous nature. Mostly found below the toe, at times it’s hard to clear it and it also causes discoloration of your nails.

If neglected for long it may lead to splitting of your nails. To prevent this, the ZetaClear gel medication can be applied on the affected area then covered so as to help soften the fiber. Within weeks you will see change.

Ingredients Found in ZetaClear:

Fungus take weeks and even months to heal and this only happens if the kind of medication that you are using has the right ingredients. This is no different when it comes to zetaclear. It has four very powerful ingredients which are used all over the world because of their effectiveness. These ingredients are:

– Tea tree oil

This is one of the ancient medications which prevalent due to its strength in treating most skin related problems. It contains terpenoids that are main agents for treating the infected nail.

– Jojoba oil

This kind of oil works well for human skins to keep the moisture. Its presence in zetaclear ensures that the nails are softened up in case of an infection so that the individual may not experience pain.


– Almond oil

Also effective for moisturizing the skin and nails and it gets easily absorbed into the skin for fast working. If used under the nails the healing process becomes easier given that most fungus hides under the skin where there is a conducive environment.

– Lemon grass oil

This oil contains citral which is an antimicrobial thus preventing the formation of microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria.

It is always important to take care of your nails because an infection of the nails can be very painful and at times hard to treat. It’s also good to note that ZetaClear from comes in two major forms: as a solution and as a spray so that the user can have the chance of choosing the one that’s appropriate for him or her.

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