BreastActives – some tips for more big natural breasts

Here are important rules to keep in mind if you want to have beautiful and healthy breasts:

breastactivesAvoid wearing bras

Although balances, those wire bra offers better support and make your breasts look firmer, prevents blood circulation and can lead to nodules. If you find it too hard to give up these bras, try to make sure you always get the right size and not to raise.

Use antiperspirants without parabens and chemicals

Search antiperspirants contain as many natural ingredients, otherwise the toxins will get into your body and especially in the breast area.

Eat more natural

The more we avoid processed foods and choose the ones with natural so your breasts will be more healthy. Toxins in food can lead to tumor formation. Remember that broccoli is an important food in the fight against cancer by helping to destroy large amounts of estrogen can cause breast cancer in women.

Reduce consumption of meat from your diet

Studies have shown that a high cholesterol and high fat consumption may lead to breast cancer. Doctors recommend to remove completely from the diet meats because they are carcinogenic.

Use sunscreen

Use sunscreen every time you sit at the beach, and when you walk down the street and have a low-cut blouse May. Sunscreen, as we know, does not just apply when you go to sea.

Detoxify your body occasionally

Watch as every six months or once a year to keep a detox diet to get rid of toxins from the body. Eat plenty of fruit juices, carrot and celery juices, salads, broccoli, berries, avocado and all kinds of greens.


Daily exercise helps you balance your hormones, to strengthen your immunity to clean your body of toxins and get you toned. Plus this move improves blood circulation. Do not forget that the most effective exercises for breasts are the dumbbell.

Get a bra fit

Buy your bra always not too big, not too small, nor too short straps, not too long. I mean just right. No point you torment breasts with a bra uncomfortable.

Stay away from stress

As you calmer and more at peace with yourself, the more your hormones and they will remain in harmony. If you’re stressed and going through difficult times, try to practice yoga, dance, go to the mountain and, in general, have activities that help you to detach the problem.

Use body lotions with ingredients as natural

Be sure to use natural cosmetics without parabens, preservatives and all sorts of other chemicals. These substances are absorbed by the skin and may cause you trouble, affecting including endocrine balance.

Quit smoking

If you have this habit, it would be better to leave, especially if you are older than 30 years. Smoking ages the body, accelerates the deterioration of the skin and prone to various types of cancers. So why stop smoking?

Use BreastActives

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Take showers alternative

That means cold showers alternate with warm. In this way you will keep skin firm and healthy. A major benefit of these showers is to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

Massage your breasts occasionally

That way you will stimulate blood circulation and they will be healthier. Movements must be gentle and circular necessarily to stimulate blood and lymph circulation.